Our Founder

founderIn the 1980’s our Founder, Brian J. Lawrie, successfully fought a long, lonely and expensive legal battle with the Province’s legal community and established the right of Ontario citizens to choose a non-lawyer for representation in provincial courts.

He is well known as the founder of the current paralegal profession. He was named in the Ontario Legislature by, the late, Peter Kormos MPP, as the “Patron Saint of paralegals” and is referred to, by many, as the “Grandfather of paralegals”.

scalesgavelA major contributor to government initiatives in the areas of legislation, regulation and education of Ontario’s paralegals, he continues to demonstrate an outstanding commitment to integrity, professional conduct and client service – and plays a leading role in the ongoing evolution of the paralegal profession with a focus on ensuring the utmost professionalism of Ontario’s growing paralegal profession.

pointsagentcourtIn November 2006, he was appointed by the Attorney General to be one of the first two paralegal Benchers (Governors) of the Law Society of Upper Canada. In 2012, the Society awarded him the first ever “William J. Simpson Distinguished Paralegal Award.” He continues to server as a Bencher today.

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