Brampton Small Claims Court

scalesgavelThe Brampton Small-Claims Court serves as the mediator for claims of up to $25,000. When one party claims that the other owes them money for services, goods, or damages, the court serves as the place where the law hears the evidence. It serves the area in and around the city of Brampton, so if the problem that led to your claim occurred in Brampton, or the person or business you are suing lives or carries on business in Brampton then you should file your claim at this court. At Brampton Small Claims Court, you can file motions, go to trial, and settlement conferences. You are entitled to self-representation or representation by a paralegal or lawyer. You need to gather the necessary documents and evidence to be filed with the court. The address is:

7755 Hurontario St. (Administration)
Brampton, Ontario
L6W 4T6
Telephone: (905) 456-4744

Your bridge to the court room

The Ontario court system is extremely complex and volatile. It is vital to have a legal representative in the trenches to help you navigate it. If you choose to represent yourself alone, then chances are that something can go wrong. If you have a claim or are being sued, then you need Aclaim paralegal to help you. We know the court system well enough to get what is rightfully yours by law. Don’t go it alone – give us a call today.