Guelph Small Claims Court

scalesgavelThe Guelph Small Claims Court is a branch of the justice system that serves the public for claims of up to $25,000. If the other party you are suing lives in the vicinity or the event that incited the suit occurred in Guelph, then this is where you will make your claim. If you are looking to sue or are being sued because one party allegedly owes money to another for goods, services, or damages, then this court will hear the case and attempt to make a settlement. The address is:

74 Woolwich Street
Guelph, Ontario
N1H 3T9
Telephone: (519) 822-7961

For Plaintiffs and Defendants

This court is intended for people seeking damages of up to $25,000 for debts, unpaid services, or damages to property. At this court you can file motions, have settlement conferences, or go to trial and receive judgment from the legal system. It serves the area in and around the city of Guelph, so if the problem that led to your claim occurred or the person you are suing lives or operate business in Guelph then you should file your claim here.

If you are an individual or own a company that is owed money by another person who lives or operates business in Guelph, then you have the legal right to bring action here. Also, if you are being sued you have the right to defend yourself in this location as well.

Aclaim paralegals

Aclaim is licensed to practice in Ontario Small claims court, and with years of experience, we know how to get exactly what is rightfully yours. A professional paralegal service can represent you and help you navigate the confusing courtroom. We serve as a bridge between you and the Ontario court system. We can help bring your suit, defend you, file motions, oversee settlement conferences, file a demand letter and much more.